• Beginners' Tips June 2015

    Beginner's Tips for June 2015

    I've been at this wet shaving activity about 60+ years now and I thought that I would use this opportunity to go over what I learned and found out the hard way. Old sayings seem to be my best method to pass the information onward...In no particular order, here they are:

    Unless you are 7foot tall or 4foot 2, make your first straight razor shaving blade between 9/16ths and 11/16ths width !!
    If it looks too good to be true...it may be!
    If price is no object... Barnam may be correct!
    You choose... then you learn; backwards is better!
    There is no perfect answer to any question
    Those may have been good answers for the person giving them to you.
    There may be some good answers for the person receiving them!
    If the new/ heirloom/ fancy, great looking razor is nice...save it for when you have more knowledge and experience!

    Experience is the most expensive teacher
    Do not go off half cocked with the latest and greatest.
    There are just too many possibilities to consider when beginning... Learn from other folk's experience.
    You won't live long enough to make all the mistakes possible with your hobby!
    Impatience is expensive; no more so, than on the 'bay!
    If you don't use the Library on the forum...shame on you!

    If you don't take really good looks at photos and and descriptions...it is your own d@^^n fault for getting a lemon.
    Doing personal research of a product is seldom a bad idea, nor a waste of time!
    Start with something that other folks use and let the fancy newest and greatest await more experience and knowledge. Norton 4-8K hone comes to mind...there is a wealth of knowledge available.
    Natural hones are not the way to go for beginners, unless you have a local personal teacher for their use...and go back to see them from time to time as you find what worked with them around doesn't work at home!!!
    A hone that shows up in the classified ads means that it was not the best hone for the person selling it, or, they need the money!
    Some days...nothings works!
    Shave Ready” has different meanings to different vendors!!
    Keep your buying as fun...do not let it become a habit or reflex action!
    Remember the Leaverite stone! If it is not something you really like...leaveright there!
    Find someone near to you from the locations on their posts...PM them to get together. A low post count may not be a good idea for a teacher you would want. Research the person's posts over time.
    Beware the “FANBOY !”
    Look over a person's postings over some time before getting on their bandwagon. And: Listen to their music to see if you like it before climbing aboard
    Be mindful that “shilling” is the world's second oldest profession!
    Even the best of mentors has quirks!!
    Ask yourself when a new fad comes along...Does this person have a case of the product they got cheaply??
    A person can become an artisan soap maker for under a couple hunnert smackers!

    There are no instant skills available...nor are there any instant processes available.
    If at first you don't succeed..you are just about average!
    Enjoy the journey!
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