• Contest Winner!

    At last! I can announce the winner of the picture contest.
    The winner is TDITim. We've discussed many of his entries and couldn't decide which one was best, but we liked them all. I don't have a picture yet, but his prize is an Ivory Micarta razor and Premium II strop, donated by StraightRazorDesigns.

    Initially we were going to have only a winner, but one picture kept coming up and came in close second: PorridgeOrange with his Boston Marathon picture. He is the official runner up and will also receive a prize. Unfortunately, I have no word on what exactly this will be, since the decision to have a runner up prize was last minute. Yet I didn't want to wait even longer with announcing the winner.

    A big round of applause for TDITim and PorridgeOrange!
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