• New Life By Restoring The Past.

    One of the many pleasures experienced in the shave community, is the use of equipment that is often decades or centuries old. Possibly the greatest pleasure is experienced by the individuals who take these icons of yesteryear and breathe life back into them. Restoration professionals take their work seriously and deliver to us a gift that will keep on giving for decades to come.

    Straight Razor Place is fortunate to have many restoration professionals in it's membership. Keep an eye on this article, as it will often highlight their remarkable work. To see this restoration process, follow the link below.

    James Barlow ECHO

    Enjoy the journey,,,,,

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    Sun November 19th - Sat November 25th

    Razor: GEM Micromatic Pushbutton
    Blade: Personna GEM PTFE
    Brush: Custom synthtetic Tuxedo
    Soap: Oleo Soapworks
    Balm: Institute

    Obie Today, 11:37 AM Go to last post

    Sun November 19th - Sat November 25th

    Blade: W&B
    Strop: Westholme
    Suds: ABC
    Brush: Simpsons
    AS: ABC
    Finish: Penhaligonís

    SemperFi Today, 11:22 AM Go to last post

    Wade scuttle

    It's on a Dutch auction site. It's not mine. I don't use scuttles.

    Kees Today, 10:13 AM Go to last post

    First try with a Micromatic


    I have a few old GEM razors and used with the Persona GEM stainless steel PTFE coated blades are very comfortable shavers that shave

    BobH Today, 10:13 AM Go to last post

    First try with a Micromatic

    In my opinion, FWIW, SEs are generally superior in shaving quality to DEs. There may be those who challenge this but most who have made the comparison

    Maladroit Today, 09:57 AM Go to last post

    Pipe of the Day

    Cleaning a long clay pipe. I tried a bunch of times and the picture was sideways every time, so I guess you'll just have to turn your head.

    Ezekiel81 Today, 09:24 AM Go to last post
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