• A Quick Glance At Some Beautiful Stones.


    One of the most interesting aspects of straight razor shaving is the maintaining of the razor's edge. Keeping the razor's edge sharp enough to give us a comfortable, close shave is accomplished by many methods. We are going to take a look at some natural stones that are often used to maintain the razor's edge. These stones are found throughout the world and this link takes you to the website "Razor love stones"
    Special thanks to Straight Razor Place member Doorsch for providing this website to the straight razor community.

    Enjoy the journey,,,,,

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    I have 5 that I shave with. A couple others just to have. I rotate razor and brush monthly. I rotate through 3 soaps, a different soap each shave.

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    too sharp

    I understand these terms well.
    But is this visible under 20x magnification or 60x ?
    As my edge looks quite straight. I compare it with

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    Best shave

    As Bob said, slow and easy. Remember....the rabbit lost!

    DoughBoy68 Today, 06:53 PM Go to last post

    I wondered why!

    Really weird situation there Richard, never seen anything like that before. Looking down from the top of the blade how does the spine look especially

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    Clubman Friday

    Original for me too, have a great weekend.

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    Scotch/whiskey of the day

    petercp4e is a lucky man: I still remember, 10 years ago, being able to buy two bottles of Pappy's as gifts for my father. It was very easy to find them

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