• SRP Limited Group Buy - ORDERING IS OPEN NOW

    We are ready to start taking orders for the SRP 2011 Limited group buy.

    You can follow the ordering thread in the BRUSH forum

    The 2 band Thäter brush will be offered in 26/55 BULB or 26/55 FAN.

    Pics of the handle and brush can be seen in our previous thread. It is a prototype but will end up looking the same. SRP2011 will be laser etched on the bottom of the handle. Thäter logo will be laser etched on the handle. It will turn out a dark gray instead of true black. It was an added expense so in reality I wasn't to far off from my initial price point.

    Basically it will include USPS Priority Conus insured. Worse case scenario if the Euro gets to strong by the time we order or some unexpected extra expenses show up we'll end up shipping First class mail Conus insured since that's $3.00 cheaper. It will cover us in case off.
    International buyers will be shipped USPS Priority Large Video box. There's also a cross border and conversion fee from PayPal included. Again, worse case scenario we ship First class mail international if we need to cover any unexpected costs.

    Brush 26/55 bulb or fan will be $140.00 conus and $145.00 international.

    Please make sure to enter your preferred hair loft choice in your PayPal transfer money transaction. Don't send me a separate e-mail or PM. If not it's going to be a nightmare to sort everything out. Double check everything before hitting the TRANSFER button. That includes the hair loft choice and ship to address.

    The PayPal address to send your payment to is groupbuy@straightrazorplace.com.

    We need a min. of 100 brushes.

    This thread will be updated when we stop taking orders. It is a one time deal and SRP limited edition brush.

    Production of the brush can be anywhere from 5 - 7 weeks. Add the shipping from Germany to the US, so it can probably take up to 8 weeks from the day we place our final order.

    Thank you all for your patience.