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Thread: Why did he waste his time? Scales and Razors.

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    OMG.FFS stop this childish. Bickering. We are grown men not school children. All I'm hearing. Is.. I don't like his this or that GROW UP!!! We are supposed. To be gentleman. So gentlemanly Behavior should be a prerequisite of this forums membership I just guess that badger and blade is where I'll look to be part of a congenial forum... Good day gentlemen :@
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharptonn View Post
    Apparantly, Mycarver, you are exempted from any giving of 'thanks'. Indeed you have been described here as a much superior human being than others by your fans and yourself included.
    I cannot imagine anyone giving such details of their personal struggles with managing their perfection and the difficulties thereof. You seem to gloat and sit upon your throne as others grovel. Your powers of persuation are interesting, while some of us can see narcissism from across the road. Your intros of threads putting questions forth such as 'why did he do it? is an example of how many here have come to view you as such
    The idea that you deserve special consideration in a community because of percived 'genius' is ludicrous, yet this is mentioned several times. You are not a hero for grinding upon the spine of a cheap blade. After all, no one in his right mind would do that to a good blade, although it has been done. So what if you do not sleep? That is your perogative. We have many woodworkers in our midst as well as machinists and those with other special skills. They have no interest in decorating spines of existing razors, not creating scales such as these. Your idea is to sell. Period. Yes, you can make a silk purse from a sow's ear, but it is still a sow's ear silk purse. I suspect you do this type of work for no one, as no one would pay the price. I have seen no one post a razor as special which has been restored by you for them. Your 'normal' restos look simply as good as others here. Nothing to raise the bar or lower it. You have succeeded in dividing the community over your tit-for-tat and I personally feel that is part of your agenda. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how you have achieved vendor status here, yet you have accomplished that as well. Does that give you special consideration as well? I think not.
    No one has attacked you, yet your fans and friends have declared so. A silly thread, IMO.
    So therefore I shall like your last post so you can see how it is done. I truly do like it as it demonstrates what my above statement implies. I shall excuse myself from this thread now and leave the glory to you.
    Fine Regards,
    I would just like to add that Tom himself is a fine exponent of the art of restoration, his posts are full of pictures and details about what he came up against and the ways he got around them, as well as receiving many thanks for posting fine 'articles' he also acknowledges others and thanks them too - he is a gent, and I mean that sincerely.

    Tarkus also displays amazing technical ability and shows how he does things to great effect. There are a lot of excellent workers on this site, none of which blow their own trumpets and who are very likeable too, to boot.

    In my opinion the 'blowing your own trumpet' brigade leave me cold - I have seen so many of them, including ones on this side of the pond, that I rarely look at the threads they post, which I find both self-serving and self-promoting. That may be the brash new modern way of things, but it isn't mine - in my day no-one liked a 'show-off' but an informative, well-intentioned and helpful guy who shows you how you, too, can do something was and is a treasure. If only there were more of them around. We have more then our fair share here though, so I can't complain.

    I guess that's my last addition to this thread too. Pity I did not learn anything new here.


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    I have learned so much in this thread! Thank you mycarver for opening this can up for us all to see. Very telling. Again I will say awesome work that I have not seen matched (in my opinion) by anyone else. I have a gold dollar that is one of my favorite shavers and I think I will try to do a horn with a MOP inlay. Not as elaborate as yours since I am only starting but I think it will dress it up pretty nicely after looking at your pics. You have great artistic vision.
    What a curse be a dull razor; what a prideful comfort a sharp one

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    It is crazy that a Man has caught so much grief for posting a picture of a straight razor, on forum dedicated to straight razors/shaving, called "straight razor place" and the only people that read it are straight razor junkies. Wrap your head around that for a minute.

    I love seeing your work and you owe me no "thanks" or "likes".
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    Quote Originally Posted by mycarver View Post
    Off topic but now I have a question for you guys .

    About this " not thanking anyone " business.

    I see under my avatar 0 thanks. And under others I see hundreds.

    Is that the issue of me not saying thanks ?

    How do I put them up there? What's that all about as I don't have a clue.
    And what's with the lines that say
    " so and so like this"? Or " 5 people like this"?
    What's that all about as well?

    I spend my time either carving or building razors not mastering the intricacies of computers and protocols.

    If I learn enough to post a thread AND add some pictures to it that's a win in my book. That's all I need to know. I couldn't begin to tell you how to wrap quotes or do any of those types of things. I'd like to at times quote something somebody says but I don't know how. So I just type in the question and then answer it in a post.
    That's all I can do.
    Yes I have a site for my carving. A blog as well. Also one for my razors. I didn't build them and I never bothered to learn how to manage them either. It drives me nuts sitting in front of a screen trying to figure this stuff out. I do things with my hands and let others sort out
    those details. I can't be bothered .

    So if there is some secret computer geek way of saying THANKS that only you guys seem to be able to recognize instead of me typing " thank you " in a post , tell
    Me how to do it so I can make you happy
    Quote Originally Posted by silverloaf View Post
    right under my post to the left theres a "thumbs up" icon and the word "thanks"........hit that and see if it works. that's the super computer geek way of doin it!
    also super computer geek way to "like" someones post is on the right hand side under a post, the "like/share"..... hit like and you will see what happens
    I've kept my 2 bits to myself on this but ...... on the 'thanks' issue. I had never noticed that mcarver had over 600 posts, been thanked over 200 times , but had a 0 for the number of times he had thanked someone. I always looked at the pretty pictures, admired the skill and the craftsmanship, and never looked under the screen name at those statistics. I'm sure I have "liked" many of his posts, may have even thanked him, I really don't remember. I do so when the spirit moves me.

    When an admin on this board made some statements which seem to be controversial I first noticed that 0 and what it says to me.

    I'm also an old guy who is self taught in dealing with the vagaries of these new fangled computers, so I can appreciate someone not noticing the "thanks" button on the lower left. Taking magnificent photos, figuring out how to upload them and display them on the site must have also been a challenge at least as formidable as figuring out that if you put your cursor on that thanks button and click left ....... wallah ! You've given public appreciation for another member's contribution to the site.

    Anyway ....... I have no dog in the fight, I don't want to hold anyone's coat ...... to me the zero that was next to the number of thanks given in those stats ..... from April of 2011, up until today ..... speaks volumes more than any lengthy explanations. YMMV.

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    Be careful how you treat people on your way up, you may meet them again on your way back down.

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    Man this thread has been an absolute experience !! As a guy whose new job it is to maintain brand, I'll say this.


    It is a well known fact that in academic circles (mainly university's), that if you lose one, you risk losing all. That is to say, if you "unfairly" treat one student in a class, the rest will rally around that person and you will lose the class as a whole. That seems to have happened here to some degree.

    Of course the majority of the time, a teacher will not lash out at a student for purely personal reasons. How can they? Class isn't a personal environment. I would argue to the death that SRP as a whole isn't either. Hence, what has usually happened is, the teacher has seen shoddy work and been asked unnecessary favors which builds to a crescendo and when said student acts up in class (publicly), and the teacher reacts in a manor fitting the relationship... the problem is, the other students aren't privy to that information lol, and they side with the student. This is dangerous.

    It's a fine line between being slammed in public and correcting that... in front of the ignorant.

    Of course the teacher can't bring up things from the past that were talked about in private or address the culture that is the bureaucracy of a university in front of the ignorant. Hence, there are brand standards to fall back on. Publicly written out rules to avoid this from happening in the first place. Of course, a Uni has millions to create these brand standards... and even then it doesn't always work lol.

    The the gentlemen and friends who contribute to this forum:

    I note that many have seemingly taken up arms. I admire this. This is why we are a brotherhood. However, I would caution you as I would all my friends who take sides on any issue - make sure you understand what is really going on before you commit.

    After having read this whole thread, it might seem that the staff and mods are circling the wagon. I don't believe this is true in the least. I believe that these men know more, and have a deeper understanding of the issue, and that is why they all see it the same way. At least the ones who have posted.

    Recall this forum has been around for quite some time, and doesn't have the benefit of millions to create a brand standard as a large corporation would. This might give the illusion that some dirty laundry is being exposed and in my opinion - that would be a mistake. There is no question in my mind that the mods here have the best intentions for all (that includes you lol) on this site as a place to learn and grow.

    I would ask that you take a positive outlook - you might discover that this is about site-building and not tearing down.

    Either way note that SRP will be here tomorrow as will I (short of the proverbial bus hitting me), and it will continue to be a place were we all learn and banter . Feel free to agree or not - I don't take learning personally .
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    I personally think this thread has gotten out of hand. Now all I'm reading is people taking shots at each other about nonsense. I thought we were gentlemen with a common interest.

    IMO this thread of hate should be locked because its just starting more problems the longer its open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meleii View Post
    I personally think this thread has gotten out of hand. Now all I'm reading is people taking shots at each other about nonsense. I thought we were gentlemen with a common interest.

    IMO this thread of hate should be locked because its just starting more problems the longer its open.
    Gentleman, my thanks to meleii for the suggestion. It is Sunday, many of us are enjoying a day off with our families. Let's give this thread a break for a day or so, sleep on it, come back refreshed to see where it goes from here. Shutting it down for a day or more for the time being. Smooth shaving to all.
    Be careful how you treat people on your way up, you may meet them again on your way back down.

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