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Thread: Jinxed Duck

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharptonn View Post
    So is it German? 40th anniversary Duck? Aged 40 years?
    That's an Old Duck hey
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    to shave another day.

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    ...Another awesome addition to the flock! Nice work Pups...
    Lupus Cohors - Appellant Mors !

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10Pups View Post
    Yeah I took that slight of picture and explanation from a recent thread a good hearted fellow started not too long ago :<0)
    I was actually fortunate enough to be able to trace the original scales before I lifted the inlay. So, except for material it is pretty much as original as I could get it. I went with clear wedge and 3rd pin spacer because it seems to work better than black on the transparent acrylics.
    touch'e...............and those scales look great on it, seriously fit it well in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Substance View Post
    That's an Old Duck hey
    Early model yes. I can assume some of the timeline, for example, Anything just marked Bresnick came before tangs marked Bresnick with ducks on them in some form or another. Of those, Just 2 ducks, 2 ducks and the words twin, 2 ducks and the words Dubl Duck may be in that order but that is just a logical assumption.
    What ads to the confusion is things like when you see on the Reaper the words Lifetime. Now you may think those words are from the Pearlduck days of Double Duck when in fact I have several Lifetime razors that just have Bresnick on them. A couple with a freakin' rooster.

    I suspect a lot of this comes from the manufacturers of any particular model. What I mean is the Reaper although it came out years after the Lifetimes with roosters on them may have been made buy the same factory. Since I started collecting Ducks I have noticed similarities in other brands. Lifetime is not an exclusive Duck phase, or is Hand Forged. This is one of the things I enjoy about collecting Ducks. It's like a big puzzle waiting to be put together. As I said before, someday I am going to have to do some serious digging. For now I just keep collecting pieces of the puzzle :<0)

    The same holds true for the Mr. Perlson side although I have only seen 1 model with 2 different addresses on them in his case.
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