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Thread: HELP! Australian SRP crew ..or anyone!

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    Default HELP! Australian SRP crew ..or anyone!

    1st..this group is really awsome! big shout out to everyone being so direct and helpful... many problems in threads are solved and the wisdom is shared so directly.. good job!

    Now...I have restored a Koch & Co Crystal Junior and a Fabyan Knife Co Well to come.. i have replaced the old broken scales and now need to re-pin the pieces.... but no one in my whole area has any brass, copper, stainless rod/tube for re-pinning...never mind the washers!! I have used a lathe to turn down brass screws and cut out aluminium tin can washers but i hand made the jarrah and brushbox wood handles and the 'results' of the fabrication do not do the restoration work justice. I have since visited industrial suppliers, home hardware, plumbing, radiator/auto shops, car stereo shops, DIY handyman private businesses... we do not have a hobby store here.... honestly i have tried everyone.. the closest being silver tube from a refridgeration shop that i would need to sand down.? So.... .. i just have two razors to re-pini am about to travel and cannot order in packets etc with possibility of incorrect sizing etc... PLEASE can someone send me exactly what i need to finish these 2 pieces.. in Australia if preferred as simply letter postage... i assume it would be
    4 Brass rods (aruond 8 cm total length if in single piece)
    12 brass or stainless washers (4 outside and 2 inside for razor glide)
    anything extra that may be needed.. but i think that is all that is required as the pins are peened over onto the washers no 'caps' ..?

    OKAY thank you SRP peeps.. seriously need this finished!

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    PM me your address and I'll get some stuff in the post to you. I recently bought some replacement scales and they came with little packets of brass rod and washers etc. You're welcome to them. I use razor pins (with one end already flat) or micro-fasteners so they're not much use to me.

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    A good source of pin material is your local welding shop. It would be very cheap for a length. They use 1/16th"/ 1.5mm rod for brazing and usually have 1 meter lengths on hand in stainless and brass. Some may have German silver, but you would be more apt to find it at an artists' supply house.
    Good luck!
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