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    Default #3938 Wade&Butcher 6/8 Humpback Custom scales

    RAZOR #:3938
    MANUFACTURER: Wade Butcher (Sheffield) Humpback
    DATE OF MFG: 1840/50

    BLADE TYPE: 6/8 Hollow ground/originally a wedge,reground to a concave in approx 1870/then reground to full hollow C1890 all factory regrinds/Very collectable

    SCALES: Custom Honey with black and red accents ,Bimetal adjustable tension pivot pin,and flush brass wedge pin

    CONDITION (1-10): 9.7
    SHAVABILITY (1-10): 9.7
    VALUE (1-10): 9.7

    COMMENTS Exceptional shaver extremely rare highly collectable.I finished this blade up a few years ago,and just put these scales on it.these are excellent in every way.I will offer this one for sale on Monday .Best Regards gary
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    Do you turn pens out on a lathe as well? I only ask this because it is obvious that you make youer own scales out of a resin material that appears to be the same the pen turners use.
    I am not a pen turner,but I've always thought that making your own media was pretty cool. I've only dealt with wood in most of my projects and thought plastics would be cool to get into. Especially taking rough wood (chunks missing) and pressuring plastic into it to make a whole piece. I've only seen this with pen turners.
    Most wood guys use vacuum to seal wood, but a resin injection/mold guy would use positive pressure. Is it to much to ask, without giving all the secrets, in letting us know your scale making method? Wood is cool, but the colors/shapes you put out are awesome. I would like to see a combination of both wood and plastic.
    If you are interested in indulging us with some info, maybe a seperate post would be in order. If not PM me and tell me to pi$$ off .
    I also hate to see such fine work go by without a single response as to how fine the item is.


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    What a Beauty!


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