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Thread: My armour

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    Default My armour

    I was talking with Outback about getting some RR track as an anvil and mentioned that I wanted it to help me with making my armour. He asked if I would post some picks so I looked through my `puter and woe is me I cant find them
    Well I took some new pics but unfortunately I dont have any of my finished viking shields. I think they are the best pieces I have done but they were all made for my nephews. I suppose I can bug them for pics, if I get I'll post. Also missing my finished pot helm but there is an unfinished one so you can get the idea.

    Below is the maille shirt, cap, bracers and leggings, missing is my bishops mantle which goes around the neck, I think my son has it hidden soemwhere. Used cowhide for the backing/attaching straps on the bracers with cotton padding behind. The whole thing weighs 35-40 lbs
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    This is the tool for my chain making, It is my 3rd version. It makes 2 sizes 3/8" and 1/4" links, the armour shown was all done with 3/8" links using 14 gauge galvanized steel wire. The 1/4 would be for thinner wire
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    This is a shield boss for the viking shields I mentioned. It was made by hammering on a log that I had shallowed out a depression in. Takes a long long time to do. Unfortunately I left it in outside in winter and the log split so I'll have to make another at some point if I want to make more. I realy wish I had some pics of the shields. I made them as far as I could discern, from many hours of googling, as close to the way the vikings actually made them as possible (well I used plywood, but if the vikings had access to plywood they would have as well!)
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    My unfinished pot helm, it is well unfinished.
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    Thats pretty wild [emoji90] AlanQ
    Thanks for sharing.
    My uncle has traced or roots back to find we (our family) were of Anglo Saxon descent. So what you do, I take great intrest in.

    Very raw, hand to hand, COMBAT!!!

    One gets hurt, the other.......well, you know.


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