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Thread: Been a long row to hoe...

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    Default Been a long row to hoe...

    I've been a gunsmith for the past 20-ish yrs, starting my apprentice back in '92. Along the way, I have repaired, literally, thousands of guns; built National, as well as several State and local shooters' pistols. I have always been the guy who 'just built and fixed' guns and competed along side my brothers in arms. Recently, I submitted a few photo's to one of the gunsmith magazines I subscribe to, for their "Readers Submission" section. (I thought it would be neat to have one of my guns pictures in a National magazine) To my surprise, below is the reply email I got:

    "On Feb 10, 2017, at 8:56 AM, wrote:

    Here are a few pics of one of my recent builds. My 01 FFL, of course, only
    allows builds for myself. So, this is one I shoot IDPA, USPSA and IPSC
    matches with.

    Stealth Arms 80% frame
    Caspian bare slide (all cuts done in my shop)
    Bar Sto barrels (9mm and .38 Super)
    9mm for IDPA and .38 Super for USPSA and IPSC
    Mixture of Ed Brown, Bill Wilson, C&S internals.

    Everything was 100% gunsmith fit drop-in stuff.

    Richard Tague
    Aces and Eights Firearms
    Cowden, Il.

    Hi Richard

    Awesome gun!

    I would actually like to make this into a article for Guns and Gunsmiths magazine, rather than just put the photos in the image gallery.

    To do that, can you please write a short article for the magazine? A couple of short paragraphs about each of the photos explaining what you are doing, the brand of parts used, any special tools etc.?

    If you’d rather not, that’s OK too.

    Gary Howes
    Gun Club of America
    321 Second St, Napa CA 94559"

    Hopefully this will bring me a few more clients! I will retire from my 'real job' in about 5 1/2 yrs, with intents on 'smithing full time, as long as God will allow. ((Although, I may be careful for I 'wish for', too.))

    Here's the pics, in case anyone cares to see them:

    Pair of bare Stealth Arms 80% frames
    Name:  11180108_1073027952711954_99672894_n.jpg
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    In the mill, fitting for the fully ramped Bar Sto barrel.
    Name:  12180056_1172377859443629_560430171_n.jpg
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Size:  35.3 KB

    Hand filed 30 lines per inch rear of the Caspian slide.
    Name:  12308970_1186871754660906_1991004831_n.jpg
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Size:  23.1 KB

    Name:  12459521_1205247259490022_2138903559_n.jpg
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    "Business End", showing the Bar Sto bull barrel.
    Name:  12476323_1205247212823360_1144232000_n.jpg
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Size:  20.0 KB

    Fully assembled, pre cerakote finish.
    Name:  12459963_1205247409490007_735233901_n.jpg
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Size:  59.1 KB

    Post Graphite Black cerakote.
    Name:  IMG_2974.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_2975.jpg
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    Congratulations. Always feels good to be recognised fo something you love to do.


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    Heck Ya! Thats Awesome, Nice Work,Ty
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    Congratulations on the invitation to write up an article. I hope the attention brings a noticeable increase in business for you. Well done!
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    i was blown away when you posted your project on the "we've got talent too" thread. still am. congrats on the recognition Richard!
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    Very nice work - the 1911 is my most favorite handgun - you did it justice!
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    With customs of that high quality, you deserve the recognition.
    Certainly something to be very proud of.

    Pete <:-}
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    Congratulations. What an honour!
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    Amazing customs and great work on them!!

    Glad to hear you're getting the recognition you deserve. You are a true craftsman sir
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