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    Just wondering if anyone could help me in my quest to up my Sunday game. Looking for sites that focus on what I would call Sunday attire or Monday wall street. the first purchase I made was a nice Chesterfield coat (covers up all the mistakes I'm bound to make along my journey lol) but honestly where can one even buy quality suits anymore, seems like mens wearhouse is taking over my nearest towns. Looking for hand sewn, non-plastic buttons, button holes sewn properly n skip the mumbo jumbo of 3,5, 10 fold ties, I just want ones that don't have linings that shift around. Theres gotta be a few old school dapper dans lurking!

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    Ask Mr Maniford-har har.

    Honestly there are plenty of top of the line outfits around but they are in the big cities like N.Y, L.A, Miami, Chicago, etc.
    But be prepared to pay a kings ransom for top quality.

    I'm long retired so I don't need duds like that anymore however I have a taste for high quality sports wear made the way it used to be made back in the 1940s and before and those places I know but they don't sell the kind of clothes you want.
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    What Big said is true, in big cities with big business you will find quality tailors, London also. It's not hard to find top quality clothing, but you must be willing to pay for it. Tc
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