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    My uncle used to make deer jerky that was out of this world good(mouth watering). if anyone out there needs a taste tester for there jerky let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by gssixgun View Post
    Oh yes after you finish just PM me and I send you my address so I can sample your jerky recipe
    Unfortunately it's illegal to send meat products from EU to the US, and vice versa!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenrup View Post
    My favorite recipe:

    1 cup of soy sauce
    1 cup of honey
    1/2 tsp of black pepper
    1/2 tsp of fresh lemon juice

    I chill the meat in the freezer until it is starting to freeze. Then I slice it very thin. The thinner the better for this process.
    I use almost the exact recipe, its been popular for years and there is a definite reason why... its delicious!

    For the BEST jerky you simply have to use smoke. I have a smoke shack of sorts but you can make a perfectly serviceable smoker out of a cardboard box, a hotplate an old pan and some BBQ skewers. I prefer alder wood, with cherry as a close second but hickory, apple, mesquite, and many other hardwoods are excellent smoking woods.

    The importance of trimming all fat from the meat cannot be overstated in my opinion and, as has been reported over and over here already, slice it as thin as is practical. The advice to chill it to near freezing is excellent.

    As far as meats to smoke/jerk I prefer elk, venison, beef, moose, pronghorn, goat, lamb and fowl (duck/pheasant/chuckar/grouse) and finally fish (salmon and trout, bass and the other whitefish I have not had good results with). Pork seems so fatty that I have never tried it (as a jerky... is smokes as a cure extremely well) nor have I tried chicken or mutton.

    Here is a link to a cardboard box smoker. This guy is smoking big pieces of meat in it... rather than doing that just use the skewers to drape you thin sliced and marinated jerky over.

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