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    Default "Blanche de Namur" Belgian wit, or white beer, whatever you prefer!

    Today I am reviewing a Belgian wheat beer, also known as a white or wit or even witte beer! Belgian whites are brewed with the addition of wheat, and typically Coriander, Orange skin, and liquorice! This particular white beer is in a brown glass corked bottle. It has a light blue label and on the label is a picture of what appears to be a white penciled drawing of a building of sorts. Over this drawing is beautiful calligraphy spelling out the name of this beer. The color is a pale pale yellow and slightly cloudy. the smell is citrus and a touch of honey. the flavor is light and slightly tangy and leaning towards the delicate side. This would be rather refreshing after a hard days work! It comes in 25.4 ounces and is 4.5% alcohol by volume!
    Here is the website of those who import this little gem:

    A little note: when I say light and delicate, don't think I mean like Pacifica or Budweiser as this little brew is exploding with flavor, some of it on the subtle side. If you pounded this beer down like one of the afore mentioned beers you would likely miss these flavors and never know what you missed!

    I forgot about price and where it is brewed! I paid $6.99 plus tax. it was made at Brasserie du Bocq B-5530 Purnode Belgium.
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    It looks as if somebody has found a nice supplier of quality beers.
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