Here is another offering by the Huyghe family brewery in Melle/Ghent Belgium. This particular ale is bottled in a brown bottle painted over to look like an old stone bottle. the label is dark blue with a swirling blue yellow pattern, and in this pattern stands a pink elephant. The color is a deep reddish brown and somewhat opaque. The smell is apples , washed raw sugar, possibly raisins, and a hint of alcohol. As far as the flavor, it's hard to pinpoint as this ale is full of flavors, but I'll try anyways! A sweet sour malty taste,a slight green apple flavor, coffee, leather? I can't do any better than this as flavor goes, but I must say that it is a very tasty ale in its own unique way! The bottle holds 25.4 ounces. The alcohol content is 8.5% by volume. I paid $ 8.99 a bottle.
Here is their website:
This ale will not be to the liking of everyone, but if you like trying unique ales give this one a try!