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    Default "Tripel Karmeliet" Belgian ale

    In front of me sits a green bottle with a beautifully painted label depicting what looks like monks harvesting a field of grain. Trees and building with thatched roofs in the back ground! Above and below this picture, respectively are the words 'Tripel" and "Karmeliet" in beautiful calligraphy! The color of this excellent brew is a pale yellowish orange, very hazy. the head has tight, small bubbles of the same size, with the exception of a few rogue bubbles. The smell is apricots and a slight nuttiness and alcohol smell. The taste is slightly sweet with apricot, bananas and roasted almond flavors with a barely noticeable hoppy character. This is one fine ale! Brewed and bottled by Brouwerij Bosteels. Buggenhout Belgium. It comes in a green corked bottle that holds 25.4 ounces. Alcohol content by volume is 8% the cost per bottle is $9.99 plus tax. here is their website:
    This could easily become one of my favorites!!
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    Love those trapist brews.


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