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    Default "Fuller's Vintage Ale 2007"

    Belgium is not the only place that produces a fine ale. Sometimes even the Brits get it right! Actually Great Britain makes some of my favorites!
    About a year ago a friend of mine introduced me to a 1997 bottle of Fuller's Vintage Ale And I was floored! This was hands down one of the best ales I had ever had the privilege of tasting! I was determined to find more. Well, I haven't yet found a 1997 in my price range but, I found a bottle, in fact several bottles of 2007 that cost me less than one bottle of the 1997 costs today (if you can find it)!
    So here goes! In front of me is a very dignified looking bottle which came in a red box reminiscent of the boxes that fine scotch or single malt whiskeys come in, with a simple label which also appears dignified. The color is a coppery red color and pours very clear. I don't know how to describe the smell but it is subtle and nice! Maybe hints of dried fruit and hops. The taste is Raisins, malt, and a definite hoppy quality. very rich and the flavor stays long on the tongue! This product comes in a 16.9 ounce crown capped bottle. The alcohol is 8.5% by volume. It is brewed and bottled by Fuller's Griffin Brewery, Chiswick. This goes for between 8.99 and 10.99 a bottle, depending on where you buy it. Also this is a limited addition of one hundred and fifty thousand bottles. Here is their website:

    This is a fine ale in my opinion, and if given adequate time to age it promises to be as good or better than the 1997 version! Oh, and don't drink this ale too cold as it seems to be most flavorful above 50 degrees F.
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