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    Default Closed Pit barbequed/Roasted Pork

    Being the 4th of July many Americans are enjoying a holiday, grilling hot dogs, making maccaroni salad, and watching Fireworks.
    We decided to turn things up a notch. My parents decided they wanted to rotisserie a pig on the barbeque.
    Unfortunately they underestimated the size of a 63 pound pig, and overestimated what their gas grill could handle.
    The pig was delivered yesterday at noon, and it was a shock to them when they realised that it wouldn't fit in the fridge, or on the barbeque, even if they cut it into several pieces they wouldn't be able to cook it all.

    So, long story short, we decide to make a barbeque pit out of their front lawn...
    4 hours later I'm still digging...
    The hole ended up being 5 feet long 2 feet wide, and 3 feet deep.
    We started a bonfire in the hole, in the middle of town no less, and waited to see if the fire department would come screaming down our street.

    We stuffed the pig with whole apples and onions for moisture, salted it, doused the insides with barbeque sauce, and sewed it all up, then wrapped it in foil and chicken wire.

    We put the pig on the coals at midnight, covered it with old fence boards, and buried it under about 6 inched of dirt.

    15 hours later it was done, and WoW!

    The meat melts in your mouth, and will fall right off the bone.
    Definitely worth repeating.

    Has anybody here tried this?
    What do you do on holidays?

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    Ok, I've just finished my BBQ chicken, potato salad, and baked beans, and now not only am I hungry again, I'm jealous...

    Way to go Mike!

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    I have a college buddy who is Greek, and when they have big events, food is obviously a center piece. They rotisserie entire goats in their backyard.

    Unfortunately, they are in the Boston suburbs, I'm from the NYC suburbs, and college was in Rochester, NY, so I've never been able to make it.

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    A few people I know love roasting pigs, they use the "Caja China". But they miss all the fun of digging the pit.

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