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Thread: Dogs!

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    Very sorry for your loss it can be devastating.
    We actually thought we were gonna lose our male American Bulldog back in June because one of our crazy neighbors cut and stabbed him an he bled all night on our kitchen floor as I watched over him waiting for the vet to open.
    On a happier note our female gave birth last night to 10 puppies 9 survived an they are from our male who is 5 an our female is 2.

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    Happy bday Versace. And my sympathies for your loss as well leatherstockings. .
    She was a beautiful girl..
    "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

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    Sorry for your loses, nothing I can say will help, but time and another pup might.
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    My girlfriend likes to dress our dog like a reindeer, take pictures and then laugh at them. Poor boy.

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    Dogs after a walk

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    I just went through this Friday night, emergency surgery for my Uri. Poor fellow has been through a LOT. Please read this information, it just may save your furbabies life. It's not over for my buddy, we have to see if any necrosis sets in from the twist. In surgery, after he untwisted it, this stomach pinked back up. Looks like he may be ok, but today and tomorrow are the key on showing if any tissue died in his digestive tract:

    GSD German Shepherd Health – Bloat
    Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV)*

    Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) is a condition caused by a twisting of the stomach and thus trapping the stomach contents and gases resulting in a rapid swelling of the abdomen accompanied by pain and eventual death if untreated. It is an emergency, requiring immediate veterinary action. This condition is most often found in large, deep chested dog breeds. Anyone owning a deep chested breed, susceptible to Bloat should be prepared to handle the emergency procedures necessary, including having readily available the name and phone number of emergency clinics and/or after-hours Veterinarians.

    Breeds with a deeper and narrower chest are most susceptible, including but not limited to, the Great Dane, St. Bernard, Weimaraner, Irish Setter, Irish Wolfhound, Borzoi, Bloodhound, Gordon Setter, and Standard Poodle. Within such a breed, dogs with the deepest, narrowest chests are the most vulnerable.

    Symptoms can be subtle. You should learn to recognize them:

    Acting agitated
    Unproductive vomiting or retching (may produce frothy foamy vomit in small quantities)
    Excessive drooling, usually accompanied by retching noises
    Swelling in abdominal area (may or may not be noticeable)
    Continuous pacing and/or lying down in odd places
    Salivating, panting, whining
    Unable to get comfortable

    If ANY combination of these symptoms are noticed, CALL YOUR VET and get the dog there as fast as possible. Bloat is LIFE-THREATENING!

    Additional Information:
    Bloat – Canine Inherited Disorders Database

    Note: This section of Summerview German Shepherds is intended as a source of information only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional care. Always consult with your Veterinarian about health related matters.
    Northeastern Texas & Southeastern Oklahoma Mentor/Helper...PM me if I can assist you.
    God Bless,

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    Lost my bird dog to cancer in June. Didn’t even buy a hunting license this year. Any other German Shorthair owners on the site? Heck of a dog breed.

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    Those are exceptional bird dogs MrZ. My very good friend is waiting for some breeders that are waiting on a litter of GSH's because he is getting him another one. That's all he's ever had in the past.

    @ScottGoodman.............I hope your dog is going to be okay. I have heard of that more than once & it isn't good but if caught in time a dog can recover from it. I'll keep him in my prayers because I have had to deal with losing a beloved pet in the past.

    This has never happened before but I walk my dog everyday as long as it isn't raining. Twice in one week my dog which is 85 lbs of lab/pit mix was attacked by small dogs. The first one was a chihuahua type dog that jumped out from behind a bush while the owner was outside working & had his dog on a chain in his front yard. I had to pull my dog away before he ate him. He got some scratches near his eye but there was no blood so I think he will heal up w/o any scars. Then the next day, in front of a different house, a small poodle came running to him & jumped on him while the owner came running & I pulled him back. She apologized & said he must have gotten through the baby gate. I told her it was okay as long as her dog was okay because I looked at my boy & he was okay. I was just glad her dog was okay. I walked past the house yesterday where the first one jumped on him & the owner was outside but not his dog. I asked him if his dog was okay & he said yes, that he had some scratches near his eye. I told him I was glad his dog was okay & that I hope his dog heals okay.
    An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~Benjamin Franklin

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    Engine I get this too when walking my boy. Some little pint sizer usually with zero training, (around me no one trains there little dogs.. I don't know about where you are.) comes out of nowhere and either lunges, snarling and barking or full on sprints at my dog.

    Now he's not the friendliest on leash. Loves people but he's Dog agressive so he's trained religiously and kept under prong and backup collar when in public.

    Usually I step infront of him and either yell to make the dog back off or give it a boot nudge backwards.

    The laws here are retarded and if he hurts a little dog that is aggressively approaching him it will be a pain in the butt going to court and what not even though I would win such a case. Just more headaches.

    I grew up beside this dog Josie.. and for 16 long years it was (and still is) in the backyard next to my parents. All this little dog would do is bark and bark and bark. Every time it was out for the whole time. We waited so long for it to pass away to dog heaven but to this day and I'm moved out 5 years or so. She's alive!!!!

    Well the other day I had my boy over for a visit healed beside me in the driveway because we were leaving. This little dog comes ripping out of the neighbors garage and makes a beeline for my dog. I had no time to react and knew she would just follow him if i pulled him back with his leash.

    So she comes up. His mouth opens. Bites her face. Huge yelp and she literally sucks back into her skin frozen. After this initial little face nip I pulled him back and made sure the other dog was ok. She was fine but as soon as we got into the car and pulled out of the driveway I burst out laughing that after 16 years of being annoyed at the dogs lack of training my pup made it well worth it. Kind of put her in her place finally!

    It's hard sometimes to figure when's appropriate to let your dog defend itself and when to step up and protect it.

    Lab pit mix. Post a picture?
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    Scott; I am so sorry to read the circumstance with your pup. I went through the exact same things many years ago with a black lab, Max. He was 14 when it happened to him. Makes my stomach hurt to think about it...
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