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Thread: Rediscovering Dr Seuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxelH View Post
    Yeah, various phonemes activate the musculo-skeletal system (different regions/muscles from different phonemes). Some interesting research on that. Helps prime them for linguistic development, methinks. But also for overall neural development. I saw parts of a program on babies in the womb, with tiny video with a light source (you can fit just about anything in there, female genitalia is amazing (I shoulda been a gynecologist)), they are very conscious, have expressions, twins grasp each other's hands, etc. One of the stupidest things I've heard is the explaining away of a newborn's smile and joy as "gas". Medical filth. You're probably boosting your child's development in as-yet-undocumented ways.
    I never did the reading in the womb thing but just for the sake of annoying my wife, I had the babies listening to my favorite music in utero.
    For my first son I put headphones on my wife's belly and blasted metallica to him. Did the same thing with my daughter only with Nirvana. For the second son we did bluegrass.

    My daughter was putting together 2-3 word sentences at just over a year. My first son was about 3 months behind in learning to roll over but within a week of rolling over he was doing the army crawl. then a couple days later he was crawling but after about two days he would just start crawling to the middle of the living room floor and start trying to stand up. For hours at end. Within two weeks he could get himself up and stay up for as long as he felt like it. Then he started trying to walk and wouldn't let us help. Took him less than two days to learn to run. Took him a few more days to walk. As far as language goes, he has amazing receptive language skills but now he's just starting to use more than 4-5 words and he'll be two in September. He can also jump and crawl over the couch from the back. He's kind of a beast.
    Son #2 is only 9 weeks old so we haven't seen the result of bluegrass yet.

    We also read to them a lot. I can recite There's a Wocket in my Pocket and Hop on Pop in my sleep. I want to burn Green Eggs and Ham right now... My daughter has been wanting it read 3-4 times a day right now and I just need something different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndw76 View Post
    I know most people here are into high brow stuff, but does anyone else like Dr. Seuss?
    He and James Marshall are my favorite young childrens' books authors
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    High brow? I can't blab such blibber blubber...

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    I have an autographed, inscribed to me, copy of Horton Hears a Who upstairs in the bookcase. "To Dave" it says. Little did any of us know that I would grow up to growl at people who call me that. "Don't call me Dave."

    my favorite Seuss book is Bartholomew and the Oobleck. that stuff always reminded me of mint julep candy that i loved when i was a kid.

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    I too like Dr. Seuss. one that I like that has adult tones is Oh the places you will go.

    some of my favorites from times gone by are Hop on Pop and Yertle the Turtle

    Here is a website for those who like these books

    Dr. Seuss |

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    Love the Dr.! I still have a few books from when I was a kid. My son is 4, so we do plently of reading. Be sure to check out other books of his written under pen names "Rosetta Stone" and "Theo. Lesieg". There are also books by P.D Eastman, Al Perkins, Marshal and Ed McClintock which are fun and fit well with the Suess books.

    And yes, playing music and reading are fantastic for the yet to be born! I can't believe the natural rhythm my litte guy has. I suspect all that music we played for him has something to do with it.
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    I like him driving in a car

    I like him drinking in a bar...

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