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    You know what's coming...wait for it...wait for it...C&D Old Joe Krantz and/or Billy Budd. In either case they're plenty stout and would totally appeal to cigar smokers. You could do much worse than C&D Epiphany. It is full bodied and has a light latakia presence as well. All that said, I agree that pipe smoking especially pipe smoking 101 may not be compatible with a bachelor party. IMHO, cigars would work better for such a venue. Although a noob to the dog rockets (cigars) a couple I have smoked and enjoyed very much are the La Aroma de Cuba (New Blend) and Rocky Patel vintage 1990 Churchill.
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    Haha! GI... I knew you'd be good for you beloved Old Joe Krantz or Billy Bud.

    Thanks for all who have "piped" up on the topic, but I have bad news. The track does not allow smoking except for in designated areas outside. Such a shame. What happened to the America that I was born into where we could decide for ourselves if we wanted to partake in the enjoyable, albeit moderately unhealthy habit of smoking?

    In any event... thanks for the input gentlemen.

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