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    Default Bespoke Custom Paper and writing craft...... n stuff

    Hey gents and ladies,

    I recently read an article about a brand of writing paper called the forgetful gentleman who do fine stationary and such:

    Fine Stationery, Accessories, and Gifts for the Forgetful Gentleman

    Any way i was wondering if anyone here knows of a company in AUST or a company that ships to Aust that makes CUSTOM writing paper. i want to get it de-bossed with my name (and family crest of possible) on high quality paper that is fountain pen friendly (even though i dont have a nice fountain pen yet).

    any suggestions welcomed.

    Anyway if anyone has any pictures or stories that they would like to share of their calligraphy skills, writing sets or stories of nice letters that they have received then let me know. There is nothing more personal than really nice handwritten notes on weighty paper.

    Thanks everyone,


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    I share some of your passion there FE, although I wouldn't class myself as other than a rank beginner, I love hand-written anything and fine papers to write on as well. I don't know of any custom paper mankers though. I do know a little about family crests though, and those little name plaques you get with the crest on them don't really belong to you unless you can prove direct linage aand even then you need to modify the crest in some way, either by adding something or changing something on the crest and re-registering it for yourself. At that point it becomes YOUR family crest, but won't actually belong to your sons unless they add/change something to make it their own.
    This is information given to me from the British Coats of Arms/Heraldry mob whose proper name eludes me for now. I did a bit of research into 'my own' Crest and was contacted by them after some of my own inquiries. I did find out that I'm not a direct decendant of anyone of social standing enough to have their own crest, but I could, if I wanted to, have my own crest created by said stiff upper lip mob, but I didn't see the value in doing so after I was given the run down on how it is with them.


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    Here's a shop in Aus that has everything you may need, NoteMaker - Australia's Leading Online Stationery Shop. They don't do custom stationary but you could buy a packet of good quality paper and take it to a local printing house and get it personalized.

    I can sympathize with you about ordering online, up here in Canada we have a similar issue with company's unwilling to ship or the shipping charges are so outrageous it makes it unaffordable. There is nothing more annoying than paying $25 for shipping and having a package arrive at your door with a $2 stamp on it.

    I'm just getting into writing again after finding a cheap Waterman fountain pen I hadn't used for 15+ years. I'm lucky enough to have a great pen shop that's just a 30 minute drive from home. I bought a spiral bound Rhodia book to practice my fountain pen writing in and am enjoying it, even if people can barely decipher my handwriting. But it's slowly improving. I bought refillable cartridge and am enjoying experimenting with different colours of ink as well.

    Good luck in your journey.
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