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Thread: Ottawa wetshavers!

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    Default Ottawa wetshavers!

    Hello Everyone,
    In a couple of weeks I am giving an introductory wetshaving seminar at work (I was discussing this with edhewitt a coupla weeks ago)
    And based on the feedback I received from various people I wondered: would wet shavers in the 613 area code be interested in some kind of gathering? Or at least, give the opportunity for some more experienced individuals to instruct some of us newbies.
    I know I have been asked many questions by co-workers about honing and SR edge maintenance, for example.
    So, for now, I just want to gauge interest.
    I would like to arrange it for this summer (2015). Perhaps, between mid-June and mid-August.
    But for now, I only want to see if there is interest.
    If you would potentially be interested, could you reply to this thread to let me know, please?
    Alternatively, feel free to PM me.
    Oh, and it doesn't just have to deal with wet shaving. I hear that brush making and smoking pipes are also a thing!
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    Default Introduction to wet-shaving workshop (Ottawa)

    Hello Everyone,
    I know I've been PM'ing with some of you about this, so I figured I'd provide an update.
    Earlier this month I gave a workshop at work on wetshaving. It was introductory in scope, and very intimate. In addition to me, there were four more participants.
    I brought a few goodies as you can see from the photos below, to demonstrate the range of scents, performance, etc. Some loot bags, too. And some decants of Clubman AS (they are in the four Tabasco/Cholula bottles on the right): Original AS, Citrus Musk, VIBR, Vanilla. The decants were all snapped up, and very popular.
    It went very well, and the participants were very surprised when I compared the costs of wet shaving vs cartridges/can of goop. I was also very upfront about acquisition disorders.
    Everybody was very excited. One of the participants informed me he's already purchased a Merkur razor to use the blades I gave out in the loot bag. Another informed me he's now using his grandad's vintage Gillette razor.
    I am happy it went well.

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    P.S.: If anyone is interested in a get-together in the Ottawa area this year, let me know. I am still interested in organizing it if there is interested. So far response has been a bit tepid. If not this year, maybe next year.
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    Glad it went well, are the guys maintaining their interest?
    I hope you can get a meet off the ground, even 3 or 4 people is enough, I am having trouble putting a perth meet together because at least 2 of us work FIFO so lining up our swings is a challenge to say the least.
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    Yes, planning out your off cycle to match with another can be an impossible feat.
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    Sorry I missed your original post, but you can count me in for a summer get-together if I'm available.

    I'd like to organize on here at my place some time, but that probably won't be before next year. I just have way way too many projects on the go and disasters to clean up (i.e. garage/workshop!) to pull it together this year.
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