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Does that mean Lasik for you?
Yep. LASIK. Cost a pretty penny. My right eye ended up perfect. Left still +0.25 and a bit of a cylindrical error. But it's a lazy eye anyway. I only had LASIK because my left was +4.5 and my right +1.5. This was too much to correct with glasses.

Correcting farsightedness is much harder than nearsightedness, and in fact +4.5 was the limit of what they could do with the machine. Correcting farsightedness is done by cutting concentric grooves around the middle of the lens to make it more spherical. But the lens is gelatinous and will settle after cutting like this. So coming from +4.5, they had to correct to -1 so that it would end up near 0 after healing.

Now it should be stable. I have a checkup again near the end of the year if it has gotten worse, they will correct it for free.