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Thread: Triangle Area NC 27 Feb 2016 Get Together

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudesweet157 View Post
    Is the event open to SRP newbies? I post a bit on the forum across the street, but I mostly stick to the facebook groups. A friend from there that's a member here told me about this get together, and I'd love to attend. I've been doing the straight razor thing since last May and have acquired a handful of cool, vintage blades, but my poor stropping skills are costing me an arm and a leg in honing costs. I'd love to get some in-real-life advice about stropping and honing if I can. :-)

    I'm scared to death the USPS is going to lose these every time I send them out for honing..

    Yes, please come. We'll show you how to strop, hone and whatever else you're interested in.

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    I'll be there! :-)
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    As I use to say when I lived in Asheville and was a regular at my ex-boss' cigar/pipe shop where a multitude of men of varying socio-economic variations hung out and swapped lies and embellished stories..............."We are an eclectic bunch aren't we!"
    German blade snob!

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