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    Default Ohio Get Together- 3 of 6 posts

    Ohio Get Together – Part 3

    Lynn and Junkinduck studying a blade

    Not too much room to work with all those hones cluttering up the table

    Of course it wasn’t all work. There was plenty of razor and shaving talk, some eye popping razors to look at and handle (and shave with, if the mood struck you and you had enough beard left).

    Will, Str8razor,Papasmurf and fcohio

    Some of Taz and Lynn’s razors. Yes, all those drawers are full. There were a lot more razors scattered around, but you get the idea. If you didn’t have RAD when you got there you had it when you went home.

    Jim (Vintage Blades) and Taz talking brushes

    Will (Classic Shaving) contemplating the temperature in Palm Springs.

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