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    Default Ohio Get Together - Vendors

    Sorry this is late Coming been crazy busy. I want to extend a Huge Thank You to Our Favorite Vendors.
    They all went above and beyond to support and sponsor our event. It was truly amazing what they did.
    We are so lucky to have Vendors that are not only running a business that sell what we love but also are part of our family. That is indeed very rare.
    I would ask that as you make that decision to buy remember our Vendors. Not only for the reason of the Sponsorship of the Meeting and our Site but also because they truly are Family.
    Would like to recognize and Thank,
    Will and the Family from Classic Shaving, Not to diminish at all the help of the other vendors but Classic Shaving was our main Sponsor. There Generosity was huge as well as Will came all the way from West Palm Beach to Ohio to spend the hole weekend with us.
    Jim from Vintage Blades, Jim also made the trip to the spend the weekend with us and we were very Thankful for the donations but more importantly spending the weekend with us and sharing in the fun.
    Keith from Handmade America for some Wonderful Strops
    And Next to Thank are Lovely Soap Ladies. I know they all would of loved to be there but were unable to come but sent wonderful gifts of Soap, Creams, Lotions, Body Wash and all that great stuff that we love.
    Mama Bear(Sue) from Bear Haven
    Colleen from The Gentlemens Quarter
    Sue from Saint Charles Shave
    Also Last but not least Tim Zowada, When it came to knowledge what he had to share what just extraordinary.

    Once again Thanks to all involved,

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    +1 to every thing Don said

    It was very great of all the vendors to have sent out such great prizes .

    I actually had some time to talk with will and I hope he does not mind me saying this but . his suppliers also told him he should add this or that to the prizes that he was giving away and that speaks wonders of their generosity as well.

    All of the vendors went above and beyond to sponsor this event and I will be eternally grateful for that .

    Jim (vintage blades)
    you are a great man and this community is very lucky to have you supplying us . you work very hard and I hope no one forgets that you are just a one man operation that works hard to get all of our orders out to us in a timely fashion We all thank you .

    A huge thank you to all the vendors who helped out I hope every one sees how generous you were with the prizes and decides to open up their wallets a little more next time they place an order .


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    Without a question......Super ditto to Don's post. I think the Vendors made this an event to remember and their generosity is an inspiration to all of us. Will, Classic outdid itself. Jim and Keith thanks so much and ladies, we appreciate your kindness and wonderful products. Tim, your willingness to share your knowledge is an example that everyone one who participates in all the forums can learn from.

    A special thanks to Will and Matt, Jim and Tim for coming out to join the festivities. I hope we get to meet Sue, Sue, Keith and Colleen in person someday soon too.

    Thank you all so much!!!


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