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    Default Pics in Lynn's garage on Friday Evening

    When I arrived at Lynn's home I met him and Jim Ayars of Vintage Blades. Later on Will, Tim Zowada and Matt arrived. We sat around shooting the breeze and smoking cigars and drinking beer. Shortly after that Don, Bill, Chris and Nick showed up. These pics were taken before we went out to eat. We ate sushi and some of us drank Hot Sake Wow!! good stuff. All in all it was a great evening.

    #1 pic is of Will from Classic Shaving and Tim Zowada of TZ Knives
    #2 pic is of Jim Ayars of Vintage Blades
    #3 pic is of Bill Sadataki, Lynn Abrams, Nick, Chris and Don Adelmen
    #4 pic is of Bill Watkins and Lynn Abrams
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    Thanks for bringing back what a great time Friday night was. It was a pleasure hanging out with you, the rest of the crew and that jet engine Lynn calls a heater

    Oh yeah..the Submarine rolls were outstanding too!

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