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    Default Ohio Event Sport Shooting

    On Saturday afternoon after lunch Bill Sadataki, Lynn Abrams, Bill Watkins, Dave, John and Nick went out in the woods and shot skeet at the Hill n' Dale's Skeet Sport Shooting stations. Now this was cool. I hadn't shot a shotgun in probably ten years but it felt good to do it again. I actually hit a few. The shooting honors will have to go Bill and Lynn though. I will say one thing I do believe that Nick is hooked. He really liked it. In fact I think that he called his wife and I think she agreed he could get a gun. Now that is a wife that is cool.

    OH!! I want to thank Bill Sadataki for loaning me his gun to shoot with. Now that was a nice over and under. It was the first time I had shot one. Thanks again Bill.
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    Bill great pictures brother .

    But actually she called me I told her I bought a gun and she said that is fine as long as I get the permits for it .

    All day I have been checking out New York gun laws and have found out that all I need to do is go buy one the dealer will do the background check and then I get my gun .
    I have contacted my uncle a man with more guns then I have razors and he said I can go over this weekend and see if he will cut me a break on one if that does not work out I will be purchasing a gun within the next month or so .

    Funny thing is when I got home and discussed it more with my wife she said she wanted one as well . so I guess I am in the market for two shotguns
    I think she may enjoy this one

    It was great meeting you Bill and every one else I can not say how much fun I had I have not shut up about what a great group of guys you all are my wife is starting to get sick about Ohio lol


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    Oh say goodby to the $$$, shotguns, trap and skeet, are great fun and great wallet suckers

    My last shotgun was a 1898(ish) Winchester 16ga. loved that monster, just didn't like shotguns enough... It turned into a Bbl for my contenders... now specialty pistol shooting... that still is a thing that is haunting me, just can't afford to look at them at the moment...

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