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Thread: Sitka Alaska Anyone?

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    Default Sitka Alaska Anyone?

    Good people of SRP,

    For a couple of years I have been thinking of hosting a SRP gathering here in Sitka Alaska. Honestly, I would love the chance to have all of you come and see one of the most beautiful spots on the globe - truly magnificent. I am in the "would this work for you?" stage. I know all too well the expenses of travel, lodging, beer, and whatever. It is definitely a cash intensive musing. Having covered the obvious, here are a couple thoughts I have about an event in Sitka.
    • I would want to focus on hands on training and would gear towards education every day.
    • There is access to good facilities for doing so.
    • Pulling the pin - wife and I are licensed barbers, though that is not our occupational gig.
    • Incredible fishing.
    • Indoor gun range.
    • Local brewery.
    • Host of local talent.
    • Unbelievable hiking trails.
    • And the obvious "Hey we're in Alaska!"
    My efforts would be to arrange places to stay, based on preferences, and trying to provide a memorable experience to all that attend. In essence, it would be a chance to open the doors to a group of folks I really enjoy. No motive other than sharing some beers, a great place, some knowledge, and a good time.

    I do not have a time frame, or have thought further than thinking this is an option. I would say we would all be happier with more of a summer time frame, May-mid September. With that said, it would be a 2013 date. But all is possible, and an informal dealio could happen before then.

    Disclaimer: This would be a low key event, but professional. The weather here can be miserable any time of year, it is currently. If you, or anyone you would bring, is allergic to cool temps and rain you may want to reconsider.

    I will keep an eye on this thread and will respond to posted replies. If your cousin's brother has a wife, who has a friend that is coming to Alaska to gold pan in Nome, and they have questions on which Korean place is the best, PM me. Otherwise posted replies gives a chance for all to weigh in collectively.

    Let me know what you think.

    Best regards,


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    Now that would be a great location for a Razor Meet! I just went to Google maps and located Sitka. It is on the coast and only a hop, skip & jump from Seattle!

    What we really need is a group vacation/Razor Meet for a week in Sitka. That is some beautiful country.

    Hmmmm, fly to Seattle then catch another flight to Sitka..................
    Randolph Tuttle, a SRP Mentor for residents of Minnesota & western Wisconsin

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    I lived in Whitehorse, Yukon for a year and loved was very similar to Alaska. I visited Hanes once too! This would be something I would love to do

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    Getting together in Sitka always fulfills other interests. The fishing alone is world class, we have incredible hiking trails, the ocean activities, and it is a laid back place just to soak in some beauty. I have a three chair barber shop that we could take over. There are good locations for workshops, or whatever. It depends on who wants to come and what they want to do. Usually it jells and takes on its own direction. I would seek a happy blend of learning, training, and playing. I have been involved in things that come to Sitka for just such an experience. It really not hard to pull off.

    Both my wife and I are barbers who dig razors and shaving. We actually do not barber occupationally, but do work at the shop frequently. She brings years of experience and loves it. It's sort of a Sonny and Cher show - she gets the attention.

    I think a good group, regardless the size, came in late May of next year we would have a blast.

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