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  1. Garry
    Well there we go a social group .... me bring not a very social person as well :-)
  2. ragnost
    see you at the meeting those who can make it and those that can't this time there will be other times
  3. Silver
    23 days and counting, woohooo!!!
  4. Makar
    Hello, my name's Stephen and I'm an this the right club? On that note, I actually only drink socially these days - can I have a beer each time I log in to this section?
  5. Tink
    Makar, its your fault i've got into this whole business, i think you should sort out my transport

    as in the thread, hopefully i'll get there, but looking un-likely.
  6. Silver
    Tink, any chance you can have the rail ticket as an early christmas present from SWIMBO or the parents??
  7. blueprinciple
    If you cut your ear off, don't blame me. I just sharpen 'em.
  8. nathanjones
    Hi everyone - see you all there (those that can make it).
  9. Silver
    Stephen, you are a BAD influence! LOL I second your idea. Cheers!

    Hi Nathan, good to have you here too. Looking forward to meeting you.
  10. littlesilverbladefromwale
    Hi everyone. Why is the first part of all the dialog hidden by peoples avatar/picture?

    Ok I've mendid it!
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