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Thread: SR head shave

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    Default SR head shave

    So I've been shaving w/a SR for a little over 3yrs now. About 1-1/2 yrs ago I started shaving my head. The 1st couple of times I used a SR, but always had to do touch ups with a cartridge. Usually around the ears. The whole process took about 45 min. Way to long, so after a half dozen tries, I ended up just using the cartridge on the head, saving the straight for the face.

    Well today I had to re hone a blade a accidentally nicked a while back. It gave such a nice shave, that I lathered the head and went at it. Success! 15minutes, and bald was beautiful, or at least as beautiful as this ugly mug can be. No trouble around the ears, made this my first truly complete head shave w/a straight. Only one small nick on a tiny mole/freckle that give me fits even w/a cartridge. I'm hoping the straight removed it completely so I won't have to deal w/it again!
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    Good to hear! What have you been using for the past 18 months to shave your head? I haven't tried a conventional straight, but my Feather DX does a wonderful job as a head shaver.

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    Been SR shaving for about two months now. Tried shaving my head about a month ago using my Dovo Bismarch 6/8 and had average results which took awhile. descent shave. Today, I again tried to shave my head this time with my Boker King cutter 5/8'. This was the greatest shave I have ever had on my bald dome. Smooth as silk. WOW.
    Next time I'm gonna try a Boker edelweiss and compare the shave quality. Curious to see if it was my technique or just using a different blade.
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    I tried a straight and couldn't get it to work for me. Headblade became the lifesaver...close, clean, simple and safe. Never looked back.

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    My head is the only thing I shave. I used carts for a week. DE for a few months with great success. Started using straights on the head about 3 weeks ago. Still learning the techniques, but I am getting very decent shaves...clean and comfy. No complaints here!

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