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Thread: Straight Razor Re-Fresher Set

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10Pups View Post
    You have the stuff coming so just shave and strop and enjoy until you feel the razor pulling, scraping, or leaving trials on your face like a bad lawn mower in tall grass. Then what do you have to loose but see if you can bring the edge back some with a few light passes. If not you needed a hone anyway. In the meantime you might find a razor you could practice on. See what you can do with the rock you have before you move on to something else. The 4/8 Norton is like the old school "this is all you got" which will give you all you need in my opinion. You can go on from there to try and improve you shave once you know and can even feel the difference. I am a bigger tipper so there is my 2 bits.
    Thanks 10Pups - appreciate the words of advice!

    Yes - I was going to pick up a cheapy and see if I can bring it back to life, or close to it. I need to get to the point where I can maintain my own razors, I'm approaching 100 shaves, all my razors have now had the professional honing treatment, and I felt that refreshing the razor to extend in between honings would be a good start. It should be quite awhile before I need a honing, so there is plenty of time for me to grab a Norton or Naniwa and learn on a cheapy.

    Thanks again!

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    I have to be honest I have the Norton 4/8 and I use that to refresh my razors. I'm not thrilled with the edge I get off the coti that came with the kit. I've tried with/without slurry, Smith's honing oil, etc, etc. I'm blaming my inexperience with honing in general, but I get a really nice shavable edge off the 8K side of my Norton. Everything I have read (and starting to experience) is that natural stones like Coti's vary and some may not live up to the "finisher" level. Oh well I'll keep trying and hopefully it's just me and not the little Coti that came with the kit.

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