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Thread: Nani 12k and Nagura stone

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    Quote Originally Posted by gssixgun View Post
    It is an Artificial Nagura a Synthetic slurry stone, it is pretty soft, so it breaks down easily it will release a great cutting slurry and mix with grit released from the Hone, ...
    That's the information I was looking for, thank you. Some man made stones come with slurry stone (like Gokumyo), but I have never tried them. Might do so sometime.

    Always pleasure to read and learn how you guys approach the subject.

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    Understanding the utility of slurry really has me almost believing that I just might be able to take an edge from a King 1k to bevel set straight to the 12k with a series of slurry progression right on up to "clean" water then CrOx, strop and shave. Seeing Lynn and Glen's video on "One Stone Honing"(actually 2. One bevel setter and another), really has me asking the question:

    Have I been inhaling the Blue Magic or is this feasible?

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    It is funny that if you say that about a Coticule or a Japanese Natural everyone accepts it as truth... But honestly I haven't had it fail yet on any stone/hone that I have tried it on from the 8k Norton to a Swaty, and every natural Waterstone I own..
    It works, but it takes time and practice, but the consistency of first time hits are a little low for my use.. A 75% first time hit is fine when you are honing for yourself and can go back and adjust as needed...

    Just something to mess with

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