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Thread: Hard Arkansas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wid View Post

    Thanks for the link Wid, that is the quality and size of stones I like and their prices are really right, an "12X3" Black is in my future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosperryan View Post
    This was the reaction I had after my first arkie shave once I really figured it out. Mind you I was still somewhat new to honing at the time so it would still take me a couple of tries to really get that edge perfect but once I did I ran with it and never looked back. The c12k is close IMO But not quite on the same level as a good arkie finish. And yeah that whole did I just actually shave my face with a real razor feeling is something I absolutely love. No need for aftershave when it's that smooth haha
    I thought the razor was as dull as a butter knife because I didn't feel anything! I thought I really messed up somehow and I just took a rounded edge and scraped cream off my face. When I reached up and felt it I was shocked it had actually shaved my face clean! Incredibly sharp but at the same time smooth with no burn.

    My C12K was able to get the razor close in the sharpness category but far from the smoothness I was able to get with the Arkie. Not for lack of effort either. I honed with that Guangxi for a couple years straight. One thing I know is that the effort spent on my Chinese Natural and the knowledge gained was well applied when I picked up the Arkansas stones.
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