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Thread: i know its difficult but i thought get a shot....................

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    Post i know its difficult but i thought get a shot....................

    i know its very difficult to say, like to say how old a woman is, but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its green, kind a oliva green with some black spot on it, very hard, no auto slurry, Charnly?????????????
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    Default i know its difficult but i thought get a shot....................

    Quote Originally Posted by Botanic View Post
    Nothing to add then "yes" LI...
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    There used to be something like a "debate" whether the "Grecian" stone, the one on your picture jemmo, and most from yours too Botanic is a variety of Llyn Idwal. And although we have yet to find solid evidence (like papers from sellers/quarries or even workers there) that the Grecian stone is a variety of Llyn Idwal, it has become generally accepted that it is.
    From samples of both I have tested, there are many differences between them (like the generally trans ark hard like novaculite composition of some LI and the generally softer and faster character of the Grecian variety, aside from the fact that it doesn't appear to be pure novaculite, but knowledgeable people who visited the LI mines reported that both types of stones were present there. I guess that's enough for now.
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