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    Quote Originally Posted by khaos View Post
    In my experience (a few Swatys have passed through my hands) they are a BITCH to lap. I don't think you could do it with the "soft" lapping stones like the Norton or Naniwa- I think the swaty would eat through them. Using sandpaper was fine but it CHEWS through paper like breakfast. Even with a diamond hone its no small task. Also I think I agree with Jimmy- no one used to and from my limited testing its not a big deal.

    Whether you lap it or not, at least smooth the chips- either by beveling the edge or just spot sanding them so they're slightly recessed and smooth. Both will be a lot easier than trying to lap them out.

    With regards to price, typically it's not discussed. I got all of mine for $20 or less (I was lucky) and regret selling some of them at prices between $25 and $35. The one I kept I have gotten such good use out of that personally it's worth a lot more. They seem to go for $50 nowadays and that seems pretty steep but I guess its a question of usage. I have one barber hone (the Swaty) that I use weekly, so if I had to do it again, I would pay more. However, back when I was experimenting I wasn't gonna fork over $$$$ for somethign I wouldn't end up using. The worth is up to you.
    Thanks! I appreciate the advice and am sorry for asking about SWATY value. I asked because I am "watching" on eBay and there is one going for around forty plus at this point in the "war". I'd imagine before the war is over (in a few hours from now) it'll be around your estimate of 50. Here's the stone being sold.

    Thanks again. I will take the sharp edges off the chips and leave it at that. Sounds MUCH easier!

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    Yeah np. I mean if you want you can lap it, it won't hurt it'll just take a while. What I did was lap mine flat then chamfer the edges. My current swaty I would only sell if you gave me a lot of money or a better one. Value is what someone is willing to pay for it.

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