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    Default Strop angle

    I just ordered my first strop from SRD. I've been using a modular and loom strops and decided to try a strop. I've been watching videos and saw all different angles people hold the strop. I then came across someone that had the strop almost perpendicular. It seemed to make sense because there was almost no give to the strop doing it that way. Interested in getting opinions on this. I realize it's a matter of preference.

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    I have 2 strops hanging in my bathroom one higher than the other. That being said I Strop at two different angles. I find the angle makes no difference so long as you pull your Strop tight and keep your razor flat on the strop.

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    Well it is a preference thing. Stropping is easiest for me when a hanger is somewhere in the range of horizontal.
    I have one screwed into my computer desk and I can strop from a seated position with decent comfort. Whatever is comfortable to you I guess as long as the spine of the razor is easily controlled throughout the travel of your stropping motion. You don't want to have to be in an awkward or stressed position which might cause some arm fatigue and that might lead to a bad stroke that could damage the edge. You can pretty much get used to anything if your strop position is within reason. I would avoid extreme angles either up or down but again who's to say, you might like the strop in a funky position. Definitely try and see what feels best.
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    My preference is waist height or close to, and cants upward slightly as the strop goes away from me. But as far as working angle that's just personal preference. I've used mine everywhere between horizontal and vertical, the strop is still doing the same thing to the edge provided your technique is good. It just feels more natural to me to have it around waist height and near parallel with the floor.

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