Hello SRP,

I purchased these nagura from a trusted source in Berkeley, CA. Both of these nagura were boxed and they have the same stamp.

The orange nagura has black ink-like stripes throughout. It seems harder and absorbs water slowly.

The other nagura is white and has black blotches that include pink tones, hence making the slurry pinkish too! This nagura seems to absorb water quickly and can be skippy if I use more pressure.

I did a progression of the two on a nakayama maruichi level 5(non +) and it made a smooth yet keen edge. I tried doing a white-orange progression and vice versa, with the white-orange yielding better results.

Any help with the stamp ID would be great but I understand it's not Asano quality. Reguardless of no Asano stamp, I feel lucky that I could create a very nice edge with the nagura for the price so I am satisfied. The nagura are especially beautiful too, which means a lot.

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