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Thread: What DON'T You Use (and why)

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    I don't use synthetic hones, as I get by with my Cretan, Belgian and German hones (I pretty much only use one of each).

    I don't use hones over 12 cm long or 2 cm thick (I think), plenty of surface area and I get great feedback on the thinner stones. Less strenuous when hand-held honing, which is the only way I hone and have for years now. This goes for honing my kitchen knives too (all three of them).

    I don't use soaps/creams/aftershaves that give me less than great results. Sub-par products are not worth the effort, especially with my dry skin.

    I don't use and so far (6-7 years in) haven't used more than 100 on any one thing shaving related. It is plenty, and most stuff (especially razors) are not worth more than that, in my opinion. In reality, I have rarely spent more than half of that on any one thing.

    I might make an exception one day for an Aust/Revisor or high quality strop, but that will probably not exceed that budget by much. Throwing lots of money at stuff is too easy and takes a lot of the fun out of a hobby for me.

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    I've sold off most of my barber hones as I just never use them (keeping my 3 line Swaty and Panama hones), nothing wrong with how they work, but I just never seem to to use them.

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