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Thread: Please help

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    Default Please help

    So I bought this off the bay thinking it was a light green thuri as it was listed as a thuri. It looked spot on but it was dirty and after receiving it I cleaned it and well I was a little upset to see a mottled look that I don't believe matches a thuringian not even a mottled thuri! I was thinking it may be Vermont slate? Idk but it seems to improve an edge of a coti. I was hoping somebody could help me I.d. It?? As I take a shot here to I.d. It I'm going to dive into further testing. Tomorrow morning I am shaving off a razor finished off this stone so I hope for the best. If it's a dud I'm sending it back. I actually hope it's a finisher even if not what I thought I was buying. Thanks all who may help please help

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    sorry I suppose I cannot help you really help you to identify your stone. One thing for sure - it is not a thuringian. Bu it might be a good hone either way. If it improves a coticule edge.....

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    I'm curious as to this one as well. I have a 2X2 piece that looks exactly the same. It is very fine.

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