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Thread: Best source/system for honing knives

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    I use a Tormek T-8

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    Some swear by Chef's Choice knife sharpeners. I've never tried one but I did use a knife that was sharpened on one of those and it was sharp enough for me to notice and ask.
    I am considering a Spyderco Sharpmaker. Conceptually it seems to have most things figured out, and assembly and use seem simple enough to pull out for a touch up under a minute. You know, when you are in the middle of something and pull out a knife, just to realize somebody must've used all the knives you recently sharpened to carve ten pumpkins, scale a fish or two, or maybe cut a piece of steel wool ...
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    I've learned through much trials and repetition to do it free hand, I use a Norton two sided India Oil Stone to set the bevel and start the pre-polish and move on to Arkansas stones and a CrOx paddle to finish. This works well on kitchen knives but I haven't tried it on my outdoors style knives
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    Quote Originally Posted by rodb View Post
    I've learned through much trials and repetition to do it free hand, I use a Norton two sided India Oil Stone to set the bevel and start the pre-polish and move on to Arkansas stones and a CrOx paddle to finish. This works well on kitchen knives but I haven't tried it on my outdoors style knives
    The good thing about freehand is you can then sharpen anything just about anywhere and usually with the same stones. Kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, machetes, lawn mower blade, shears, scissors, (and in my case) razors.
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    If you want a 'sharpening system' I'd say +1 Edge Pro. Spend the money once and get something top o' the line.
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    I am leaning towards the edge pro but will do some additional research...
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    If you want to use your standard-sized bench stones then the South African made "Warthog" Multi-Edge Pro sharpener is a good choice. It's available on eBay. The sharpener comes with a medium grid diamond "stone" but ordinary oilstones/waterstones can be substituted. The set-up is critical to get good reults-everything level. In addition I use a combination square set to position the clamped knife. This system works by having the stone UNDERNEATH the knife, which is honed by moving the knife forwards along the top of the stone. There are some You Tube videos showing how the sharpening process works. I've used the original Warthog now since +/- 1992, also have the latest model. Have sharpened many knives with consistently good results.

    The other jigs I use are both Chinese copies of the Edge Pro.("Faux-Pros" :>) ) Also available on eBay & Ali Express.They work well, but the original waterstones wear quickly & I've replaced them with Chinese oilstones, which work very well. The Edge Pro stones are interchangeable with the Chinese clones & some really excellent Edge Pro stones are available, but the two US sellers I've contacted don't sell to residents of this country (South Africa).

    The Edge Pro & its Chinese copies use dedicated stones, & replacement stones-which will be necessary- could be a cost factor. Like the Lanksy, the stone is above the clamped knife (messy dripping oil / water) the stone being moved across the knife's edge.Unlike the Lansky which has only 4 set bevel angles to use, these Edge Pro & Faux Pro's allow for an infinite range of bevel angles to be set, & these angles can be really precise & consistent bevel angle settings, especially if a digital angle finder is used.

    For finishing off knives I use a Spyderco "Sharpmaker" set of white triangular rods & also for touching up. I also have an old smooth bathroom ceramic tile which I use to hone knives freehand in-between times. The tile is used to also hone my straight razors, (in-between "real" waterstone 10000 grit honing) then I strop on chrome oxide impregnated leather then plain leather.

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by AcesandEights View Post
    I use a Tormek T-8
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    I use the classic Norton Multi-Oilstone. I've used one since the mid 70's and haven't worn it out yet. I've sharpened Kitchen knives, hunting knives, butcher knives etc.

    Truly a tool that will is a lifetime investment.

    They also have a model that has an Arkansas stone on it. Never tried that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jnatcat View Post
    Good Day Gents,

    As the title states looking for the best source/system to sharpen knives, I really don't struggle much with straight razors as the edges I get are very acceptable but I seem to struggle getting the correct angle to get those killer edges on knives, I am sure it's my technique as I have the stones to do it which brings up another subject, should I be using my razor stones on kitchen knives, EDC knives etc... was looking at systems like Lansky, Wicked Edge and some are pricey but don't want to ruin my expensive hones.
    I started with the Lansky system and it is good enough for people who won't obsess over their edge... So that's neither you nor me.
    Thus I'm slowly learning freehand honing, but often use the Lansky because it gives me more consistent results.

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