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Thread: Dragon's Tongue alternatives for midrange/pre-finish

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    Default Dragon's Tongue alternatives for midrange/pre-finish

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently using the DT after my Shapton Pro 1.5k and get pretty decent results before going to one of my finishers (Thuringian or the Purple and Dark Grey Welsh slates).
    Curiosity (or HAD) is getting the better of me and I'm contemplating the idea of a BBW or something else.
    What's your opinion on the Dragon's Tongue for midrange work and how would you rate it against the other hones out there?


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    For easy pie, you'll have a hard time beating a Shapton Pro 5k.

    I'm a jnat person, so for a natural midgrit I'd choose a fast, hard suita or a fast kiita.

    One issue that's pretty universal with lower and mid-grit naturals is that most of them are pretty slow.

    Cheers, Steve

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    DT is an excellent and cheap natural midrange and prefinisher. working your way with the use of heavy slurry, up to water, it can take you through the whole process after using a 1k bever setter until about 8K and ready for a real finisher (or shave after stropping with compound)
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    This may not completely answer your question but may give some perspective as to where the Welsh Slate stones fit in honing progression.

    A while back someone asked if the two Welsh Slate stones (Yellow Lake and Dragons Tongue) should be used before or after the Coticule and Glen (gssixgun) replied they could be used instead of the Coticule. I have tried both methods and have found I get very similar results depending on individual blade metal composition. Different blade composition reacts different to different hones and there are unlimited combinations of blade composition depending on manufacturer. Just like everything else in this sport.......its experimental, try something and see if it works.
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    You could definitely use a BBW in the place of a DT in most cases. I'll say that I've never used a BBW that was as fast as I wanted it to be, so in my opinion it'd be a step down from a DT. But it's always fun to try and I'd never tell you not to pick up a coticule if you're interested and wanting to try more naturals
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    If you're going to pick up a coticule, my suggestion is skip the BBW and get a proper yellow one. If I were to compare my Dragon's tongue to my coticule, I'd say the coticule is much quicker. And when it wants to behave no less fine. There are still some trust issues between myself and my coticule but the stone may be growing on me.

    That said, I'm with Frameback. Far as natural stones go, the DT is pretty darn good for mid range work.
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