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    Default Got a box of hones today

    Recieved one of my groups of hones, and no, there are no Eschers. I thought I was on to one but no. Did get two really nice stones however. These look pretty old, I am thinking 30's or 40's. A Norton Hard Arkansas "jewelers stone" which is a pretty nice translucent Arkansas, and a Norton "razor" hone, two sided, in great shape, both with boxes. Also a swaty, keen, and a bunch of other nice but unidentifiable hones. I bet I can con my son into cleaning them up and giving him the swaty for doing it.....Maeglin, where are you?

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    Sounds fun - congrats!

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    Try using "Fume Off" oven cleaner to get the hones clean. It is very effective.

    Pssst! The Swaty is probably the best hone in the bunch!
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