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    Quote Originally Posted by midstream View Post
    I obviously need one of these! Actually just giving in to HAD. I can't find any on the internet. Must be a very special item. Can anyone tell me where I can get one? thanks!
    I only just saw this thread now, I just off loaded a few recently, still deciding about my last ones.

    They are special because only hones from the Nakayama and Shoubudani quarries are the genuine Honyama hones. The term Honyama has now been bastardized to mean finishing stone.

    Be very cautious of any other website you find selling Japanese stones because a lot of them are claiming to have such stones have no proof of what type of stones they are selling. At the ridiculous prices I have seen them selling for, I'd like proof, especially when some look like a person went to their garden and dug up a few rocks and say they are Japanese.

    Give So a try though, he comes quite recommended here.


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    I know I have bad HAD, but I never thought seeing so many amazing stones in one area like that could make me feel the way it did. Wow........that's all I have to say. I can't even think right now.

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    So's good, and offers a lot of information. He also offers full refunds.

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    I had to jump away from that web site .. what a selection of stones ..... my goodness .

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