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    Default How long before I should need to hone?

    I'm brand new to SR shaving and about to buy one of the disposables to try it before taking the big plunge and buying some good ones. While I know this question doesn't apply to the disposable, I was wondering for if and when I get a real one.

    How long do you normally go before you need to hone your SR if you shave every day? I'm asking because I'm trying to find out if I need to learn that skill or if it would be better to send out the razor when it needs it?


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    I just received my razor and strop (with 0.5 chromium oxide paste on one side). from RupRazer...and asked Ken the same question. Here's his response:

    "...I recommend using the rough side every four or five shaves and then only four or five laps. I do this on my strop and I have razors that have not been on a hone in over a year."

    Since you're new, I'd suggest his starter set will keep you set for a while until you decide how far down this rabbit hole you want to go

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