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    Default Start-up Hone kit?


    So I just got my first straight razor, and I'm very anxious to start! It's a brand-new dovo razor, and while it is sharp its not hair-popping sharp. I'm sure its not shave-ready. I don't want to send it out to a hone meister, because I'd like to learn to hone myself, not to mention I'm very impatient haha.

    So I had a couple of questions, I was hoping someone could help me with:

    I have this Soft Arkansas Benchstone (SAB-6), What would be the equivalent grit? Can I use this?

    If I buy a Norton 4k/8k, and I already have a leather/cloth strop, is that enough?

    Can a paste-prepared cloth strop serve as a high grit hone? i.e (4k->8k->paste-prepared cloth strop->leather strop)

    Would I need to start with the 4k on my new razor or can I just skip to the 8k?

    What's the deal with lapping/slurries, is it necessary for a beginner? Is it necessary for regular maintenance or just like once a year?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Basically all your questions can be answered by researching in the WIKI. I started off with a Norton 4/8k combo hone and pasted paddle strop if that gives you any idea. Your best bet is to still send your razor out to have it proffessionally honed and then you'll have the benchmark of knowing what truly shave ready is. I never did that and to this day I think of sending one of mine out just to be sure mine are up to par..I know they shave my face comfortably but there is still that doubt...might just be my OCD hope this helps some. And welcome to SRP!

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    ELaurence IMHO you should send it out to get honed. This will give you a benchmark as to where you need to get to when honing your own. Even pick up a second razor to practice on while using the "feel" of your professionally honed razor as your guide.

    Just my 2 cents

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    For your first razor, send it out to be honed professionally. You will then have a benchmark for what "shaving sharp" is. After that you can touch up on a diamond pasted paddle strop as needed. TI makes a wide paddle strop and diamond paste that is equivalent to a 10K(?) hone.

    Hope this helps.


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