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Thread: The Celebrated Water Razor Hone

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatzicho View Post
    The wording in the cup neither says E&S nor E&s9. It means E&Co and the hone was distributed by the company Escher&Co. So a real Escher stone. E&Co and Escher&Son have been two completely different companies from midlle of the 19th century as I explained several times elsewhere. Both delivered "Escher" stones though.
    Ah alright, and yea I could see it sais E&C(?).. I couldn't make it out by the pic just looked like a 9 to me. I'll post some updated picks Thursday when I pick them up. They're all good stones here in the lot tho eh? I can't see what the little thin one is.

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    I have one of these little 5x1 thury having also the chance to have labelled Escher hones over the years .

    I am very impressed with my 5x1 there is no doubt they leave a very soft smooth edge when used , I love mine and I think there as good as any Escher I have had and sold .

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