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    Default Henkles rust problem

    Hello Hone Folks,
    I have a problem with what looked like a very nice 6/8ths Henkles Zwillingswerk.
    Very nice new looking blade, but!
    Two sets on a hone and it rusts faster than I can get it clean! Not the honed bevel, but the hollow grind and it wants to pit badly. Perhaps that is why it went into a collection and not a daily shaver.

    Was there an occasional bad batch of Henkles or do some hones cause a bad chemical reaction?
    I used a 1K Chosera, a Coticule and a Thuringian. I cleaned and oiled the razor and put it away!!!!
    I have never encountered that problem before.
    I have soft water and that may have a lot of iron left in it but never before and not on another razor honed at the same time.

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    It may just be that the steel is too clean.
    Polish with MAAS or the equivalent then
    wax the surface with your favorite car
    wax. A lot of buffer materials contain
    wax and the final polish also waxes the

    I wish Renaissance Wax was less expensive
    it is ideal.

    Also the better gun shops have more than one
    solution... WD-40 is good for a start and
    a couple days. Fishing tackle shops are
    also a good place to shop.

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