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Thread: Anybody know about this Dubl Duck Dry Hone?

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    Post Anybody know about this Dubl Duck Dry Hone?

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    So my father received some possessions from this old couple that he used to know. Among the things he received were some straight razors and a peculiar hone. I got my hands on them, sent out the razors for restoration so I can use them this upcoming year, but now I'm stuck with this hone that I know close to nothing about.

    The words on the hone read "Dubl Duck" and "World's Best Dry Hone." The hone doesn't look and feel deformed and is smooth all around except for a small chip above the logo. One thing that struck is how small it is. It is about 2" wide with a length of just over 4". Is there a recommended method of honing if I were to use this?

    Can anyone give me some information on the hone and how it is used? Thanks, gentlemen

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    you may find some info on that hone in this thread Barber hones characteristics
    Looks like its in great condition, and I'm sure it will be an excellent hone for touching up/maintaining your edges.
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    What great luck.
    the size is rather typical for a barbers hone while you can use them dry i would reccomend a little water on top or some lather. to keep an edge sharp 5-10 strokes on the finish side every few shave before you strop should keep your edge going for quite a while. search around for threads on barber's hones and you will find a fair bit of info.
    You can actually sharpen a dull razor with one but it will take time both sides are slow cutters. YMMV.


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    Talk about a duck out of water.

    often times it was used by holding it in the palm of your hand and then doing a few strokes holding the razor with the other hand.
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    Nice barber hone! I'm sure a little shaving lather wouldn't hurt it, but if it says dry; I wouldn't dunk it and let it soak. Looks in great shape w/ the I guess maybe brass plate identifying the two sides?
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    The original instruction sheets have said, "The dubl duck dry hone may be used dry, or with lather, oil, or water."

    I don't soak mine. The only oil I have used is Ballistol (emulsifies with water and is easy to clean off). I prefer water, YMMV. Some of my razors seem to give a slightly better edge with light lather.

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    the coarse side of the dubl duck dry hone seems very fast, and faster with water as it seems to auto slurry with water instead of glaze... it seems to be a mix of grits, from maybe sub 1k, to 4k.. closer to 1k.. anyone care to comment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezpz View Post
    the coarse side of the dubl duck dry hone seems very fast, and faster with water as it seems to auto slurry with water instead of glaze... it seems to be a mix of grits, from maybe sub 1k, to 4k.. closer to 1k.. anyone care to comment?
    I picture would help but from what I am reading it sounds like the hone is breaking down, although rare it can happen with bad storage, I have only seen it a couple of times with handling 100's of Barber hones...

    A close up pic of the surface would really help here

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    What were the best experiences when handling these 100s of barber hones ? Do you have any favorites ?

    I really like the Toledo Blade Barber Hone at the moment...

    What do you think of Frictionite 00 or the Norton double sided Barber Hone, did you test them?

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    I have one of these and have honed a few razors on it. I used it dry as it is a dry hone. It does have the two sides but is very slow cutter and only a finishing hone. If a razor was losing its edge use the coarse side first finish on the fine and you will have a razor you can shave with. In my honing progression I already had the blade to a 7/8k stage before going to this hone. It did take a reasonable number of laps on each side. Just check as you go but is a nice finished. I did have to lap mine though I would try it before doing this. Good luck
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